City of Rocks State Park

North of Deming is the City of Rocks State Park . What you will see there today measures it's existence in millions of years. Over the last 30 million years, these mysterious rocks were wind-carved and rain worn, sculpted into outlandish streets and houses, temples and towers, some so improbable they could as well be the figments of an exploding dream. Man has been there also. Shards of pottery and arrowheads have been found there (and continue to be found today). Spanish Conquistadores carved mysterious crosses on the rocks, signs, some say, which may point to a long buried treasure. Every city has its legends. Explore her streets at will. Have fun! Rejoice in the park's severe, relentless beauty.

The park is known for its spectacular dark-night sky viewing, with a dazzling display of stars, constellations, planets and other wonders of the universe. An onsite high-powered telescope will enhance your views. Time your visit to attend one of the springtime Stars-n-Parks astronomy programs at City of Rocks and explore the night sky with a formal presentation and telescope observations. The National Public Observatory sponsors the events, which also take place at Rockhound State Park.

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